2 Quick Movie Reviews (Glass & Serenity)

Here are the quick movie reviews for Glass and Serenity.


Trailer: https://youtu.be/95ghQs5AmNk

Grade: B-

The final film in M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable trilogy, Glass as a conclusion is one that just barely fits the mark. If the first film in the trilogy, Unbreakable, was ahead of the curve, arriving as it did on the brink of the superhero movie boom, then Glass is perversely and admirably out of step of what superhero films are today. Much like the second film in the trilogy, Split, this film operates again in a B-movie mode, as Shyamalan condenses the genre to its psycho-dramatic essence. As with Glass the big set-piece here isn’t much of a fight but a group therapy session. The performances here are pretty strong as well, especially from James McAvoy, who returns with another tour de force physical and vocal performance. But this film isn’t perfect, as it hits multiple bumps along the way. From the unmissable plot holes, to the clunky exposition in the dialogue, to the complete sidelining of one of the three focal characters, Glass is in no way a home run. Though not a home run, it still is a film to admire, simply for its attempt to be more of a talky drama about inner identity, then an action film. Either way, Glass is a film that shatters any notion of how a superhero film has to operate. As more and more of those are coming every year, that’s an achievement all its own.


Trailer: https://youtu.be/Aks6eKumi3c

Grade: C-

The film noir genre is one that is built on hidden motives and delayed revelations. And writer-director Steven Knight’s new film, Serenity, takes those principles to an absurdly, insane extreme. Serenity is the kind of film that is easily spoiled with a slip of the tongue, so I’ll do my best at avoiding spoilers. To start off this film is quite bad, but also massively ambitious. The major plot twists it delivers could definitely throw some people off, but if you pay attention you’ll see it coming a mile away, as even the very opening shot teases for what’s to come. Knight delivers the most extreme archetypes for his characters, pushing some to practically not even be full-fledge characters at all. But one questions after the twist is revealed, if that all is on purpose? But then again when the twists are revealed, you begin to look back at the big picture and things either don’t add up, or are just icky. Serenity‘s a type film that relies completely on its plot twists, as the story itself is all pressure points and no connective tissue. As those twists and turns may land hard, but it’s everything in between that still feels completely aimless. Serenity, through it all, is one of those films you sit around with a couple of friends and experience together. As together you can laugh at the cheesy dialogue, the over-the-top performances, and the insane plot twists.

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