Venom – Movie Review


Rating: C+


  • The performance given by Tom Hardy is pretty solid. Once he is attached to the venom symbiote he brings this uncontrollable mania to his character, “Eddie Brock”. Which gives Hardy a lot more to showcase and he executes it pretty well. Hardy as well brings an undeniable charm that carries this film a long way.
  • Ruben Fleischer directs all the action sequences pretty well. He brings a steady high pace to them and overall they are just pretty well put together. This is especially seen in a pretty electrifying escape sequence.
  • Though the writing in this film is quite bad, they do execute the Eddie Brock-Venom dynamic pretty well. As this film is at its best when it’s a buddy comedy between the two.
  • The score by Ludwig Göransson is quite good. Göransson’s score brings a energetic flare to every single action scene and elevates it to a higher level.


  • This film is all over the place tonally, one minute it’s a comedy, then it’s a horror-action film. Ruben Fleischer never seems to decide where he wants to go. This film even has continuity errors dipped throughout. The particular one that stands out is seen when a character gives someone a pin off of their jacket and a few seconds later that character magically has the pin on again.
  • The editing in this film at times is very choppy and can get a little all over the place.
  • The screenplay here is a mess. Every single side/supporting character in this film is extremely dull. Riz Ahmed is given nothing to work with as the villain in the film. As his character, “Carlton Drake”, is extremely generic and one-dimensional. Michelle Williams as well here is wasted completely with a dull character, that has nothing to her at all. Both Ahmed and Williams do what’s best with what they’re given it’s just too bad it was this nonsense. I will also say some of the comedic parts in the film land, but the majority of it falls very flat. “Venom” overall works best when it’s a bizarre buddy comedy, but sadly a majority of the time it’s a sloppy tonal mess full of wasted talent.

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