Mandy – Movie Review


Rating: A-


  • Nicolas Cage gives both a classic unhinged performance, while also being completely captivating through every second of his screen time. Cage continues his manic style of performance here and it couldn’t fit the film any more perfect. Cage owns this role in a way where I truly couldn’t see anyone else in the role. Linus Roache gives a solid performance as well. If this film would be turned down just a little his performance would be completely over the top, but here it fits and he gives the films villain exactly what it needed.
  • Panos Cosmatos’ crafts together a LSD-fused dreamlike revenge thriller that will melt your eyes with the visuals it produces. Cosmatos’ continues his aesthetic here with much success, as he creates an eyepopping atmosphere that both feels like a dream and a nightmare at times. His use of a slow and steady focus on many shots makes you search throughout the frame for what’s about to appear. And combining that with his visuals give a whole new meaning to eye-catching.
  • The cinematography by Benjamin Loeb here pops with reds, purples, pinks and the occasional green. He seemingly injects the visuals right into your eyes. Loeb also brings lens flare galore with many taking up the full frame at times in the film.
  • This film also features the final score from the late great Jóhann Jóhannsson. Jóhannsson here melds together synth and heavy metal like no other. His score brings so much texture to the film and heightens the atmosphere of the entire film. His score is heard through nearly the entire runtime and it works every second of it. It’s scores like these that will make me miss Mr. Jóhannsson’s work.
  • The production design by Hubert Pouille here brings a lot to the films aesthetic. From a pyramid temple to an insane looking cabin in the woods, the production design here really helps elevate the material overall.


  • You could trim a couple things down in the film, especially since it drags at a point or two.

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