Ant-Man and the Wasp – Movie Review


Rating: B


  • All the performances here are very solid. So much so that I don’t even know if there’s really a stand out. Paul Rudd continues to bring the everyman feel to “Scott Lang/Ant-Man”, which continues to help build a strong relatable connection to the audience. Rudd as well brings many comedic and a few heartwarming moments to the film. Evangeline Lilly gets a lot more moments to shine here compared to the first “Ant-Man”. All of which she delivers very well. Michael Douglas continues to do a solid job, while Michael Peña has a couple scene-stealing moments. One of those being his “Truth serum” monologue, which is easily the best comedic moment in the film.
  • Peyton Reed brings some very zippy action sequences and overall a pretty zippy pace to the entire film. Reed’s control on the pace is quite strong and helps the film flow along very well. Reed as well delivers some very elaborate set pieces, one of those being a car chase that never for a second feels dull. Even the big finale for this film, which lasts around forty minutes, never drags for a second and races along very well.
  • The screenplay here brings a couple of nice elements. First off the father-daughter relationship in the film brings many heartwarming moments. And for the few moments they have together in the film, it is fleshed out very well. As I mentioned earlier Michael Peña has monologue that is both brilliantly delivered and written. It as well is a great example of knowing who you’re writing for, because it’s hard to imagine anyone else executing that monologue.
  • You can officially stamp this film with the best CGI work the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has seen yet. The de-aging CG work really is the best we’ve seen yet in all of film, while the use of macro photography and focal length is very impressive as well.


  • Though the pace is very solid, the film does get a little all over the place trying to balance multiple storylines. When they finally come together a little more it does begin to improve a little.
  • Though Walton Goggins gives a nice performance, his character is extremely weak and almost completely cuttable.
  • There is also a couple of exposition dumps that throw a little too much at you.
  • There is one moment in the final few minutes of the film that really doesn’t make much sense. I won’t say what it is, because it is a spoiler, but they give no explanation and seem to be aware that they are doing so. One would assume that they are possibly saving it for the next film, but it’s just too hard to let that go.


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