2 Quick Movie Reviews

Here are two quick movie reviews for two very solids films, “American Animals” and “The Endless”.

American Animals

Trailer: https://youtu.be/tmJYELj-jNE

Rating: A-

One of the most breezy films of the year, “American Animals” is a heist film that glides on its phenomenal editing and solid performances. The two more leading performances given by a squirrelly Evan Peters and a restrained Barry Keoghan. Both hold this film on a high level and continue to show to be some of the best younger actors working today. While the more supporting performances from Blake Jenner and Jared Abrahamson both strive in their roles. This film also brings a very interesting look at the term, “the unreliable narrator”. As the film is based on a true story and uses the real life robbers in the film in a documentary like setting. But besides the mixing of narrative and documentary filmmaking this film hits its bump in the road. As it is pretty straight forward and the other style it has isn’t very original. That quibble isn’t super major, but it does have its impact. In the end if your looking for a smooth and at points tense ride go see “American Animals”.

The Endless

Trailer: https://youtu.be/qMHpWCN0byw

Rating: A

A film that is true to the term of an “Independent film”, “The Endless” sees two men, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, contribute to this film in multiple ways. As both of them have directed, starred, co-produced and co-edited the film. While also Benson has written the film and Moorhead has shot the film. And all that effort has payed off very well, as this film looks at familial perspective and free will in an eye opening way. The screenplay from Benson brings up some mind-bending ideas and twists that are followed through beautifully. Also with a low budget this film has still found a way to bring some striking visuals that pack a punch. “The Endless” is a film that shows with a micro-budget you can still bring sci-fi horror to interesting places.


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