Incredibles 2 – Movie Review


Rating: B+


  • All the voice performances here are strong. If I had to pick a standout Craig T. Nelson does a very nice job at portraying Mr. Incredible’s outbursts and his fall into parenting madness.
  • Brad Bird’s action direction is the big standout of the film. Bird brings a kinetic energy that puts this film on a brilliant pace and keeps it constantly going. Multiple set pieces in this film surpass ones from the original and even stand up with ones from live action superhero films.
  • The animation here might possibly be a new high for Pixar. Its slick detail is something to marvel at throughout. Also with this beautiful animation it brings the action to near impossible places. The pace and feel of this film’s action really is something a live action film can’t do. By that I mean a live action film can’t glide throughout its action scenes so seamlessly like an animated film can. And Brad Bird seems very aware and takes full advantage of it.
  • The humor in this film is pretty strong as well. The element of the humor that works the most is all the familial relations throughout the film. Whether that be all the craziness that Jack-Jack brings to the Parr family’s lives to the subplot of Violets school crush.
  • BONUS: Another reason you should see this film is for the fantastic Pixar short, “Bao”, that plays before the film.


  • As many might know the villain from the original Incredibles film, “Syndrome”, was fantastic. He had depth and a very solid motivation, but here the villain lacks in both departments. The effort to put some depth in the villain is there, but the execution doesn’t follow through.
  • Also most of the films twists and turns can be seen a mile away, which can take away some of the films emotion.
  • A lot of the commentary the original Incredibles film hit on has since been retread by many other superhero films. So here they have to search for something new, but they don’t. Which is something we do see throughout the film, that being that this film lacks some of the depth the original introduced.

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