The Tale – Movie Review


Rating: A-


  • Laura Dern gives one of the most devastating performances I’ve seen in years. The journey Dern’s character goes on is one that will be hard for some to watch. But she brings this collapsing vulnerability that slowly turns into an urge for answers that really lifts this film to incredible peaks. It’s a little disappointing that this is an HBO film, because this performance could very much compete for an Oscar. So expect her to possibly walk away with all the Emmys and Golden Globes.
  • Jennifer Fox’s direction here is quite strong. She really brings her documentarian background to this film, with many fourth wall breaking interviews. Her use of flashbacks in this film are very staggering with the emotion and impact they hold. As they connect us more with the lead character “Jenny” and unravel the questioning of her childhood memories.
  • Fox’s screenplay is one of the most powerful things you’ll ever see. Throughout the film we learn with the adult Jenny/Jennifer about what her childhood actually was and the impact it had on her forever. We even see her memories get corrected in the film. That being shown through the memory flashbacks rewinding and restarting with how it actually was. Which can pack an extra punch, especially one where Jenny finds out how young she actually was. She even asks herself “Why can’t I remember myself”, which is a big question throughout the film. As she questions her entire perspective on love and how warped it was by her abuser. Jennifer Fox’s confrontational unflinching look at child abuse is one that deserves the utmost praise. And it is one that I hope is seen by many for years to come.


  • The film uses many of its side characters as dramatic devices, instead of making them more fleshed out characters.

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