Solo: A Star Wars Story – Movie Review


Rating: B-


  • Overall all the performances here are pretty strong. Alden Ehrenreich does a solid job as Han Solo. He really brings some of the small details of Harrison Ford’s Han Solo, those being some of the line delivery & a lot of the small smirks. But for those that are dead set on him being a clone of Harrison Ford, you just need to leave that at the door and come with a fresh mind. As for everyone else the standouts would definitely be Donald Glover & Joonas Suotamo. Glover brings a lot to the character of Lando Calrissian. That being the smooth slyness & the ability to ease his way out of a situation. Suotamo on the other hand plays a fantastic Chewbacca. Both Suotamo & Ehrenreich have some great chemistry, which really is one of the bright spots of the whole film.
  • Ron Howard’s direction here is decent. He directs the action set pieces very well. He at points brings the film the much needed energy that really helps push it back alive. The standout scene from him is a very exhilarating train sequence.
  • Lawrence & Jonathan Kasdan’s screenplay is where a lot of the films problems lie, but they do execute one thing very well and that would be the interactions between Chewy & Han.
  • The cinematography by Bradford Young here is some of the best the Star Wars franchise has ever seen. One scene where it shines the most is definitely when Han & Lando first meet. He uses this gold/yellow light to build a couple of great character profiles, while also setting up the environment very well.


  • When it was first announced that a prequel Han Solo film was going to be made, it was met with a mixed reaction. Myself on the other hand was interested in seeing what they would do. So going into seeing it tonight I only wanted one thing fulfilled and that was for them to show me why there needed to be a Han Solo origin film. And they don’t answer that at all. At times the film is fun, but it takes no risks at all & comes off as money making fan service. They don’t even deepen the character of Han Solo. The film just thinks that all it has to do is show us the origins of some Star Wars sayings and everything will be alright. Which is obviously not the case.
  • The film drags at multiple points. Especially in the final act, where the film starts to run out of gas and limps to the finish line.
  • The film is also pretty predictable. They do attempt to have some twists, but you can see them coming for nearly the entire run time.

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