2 Quick Movie Reviews

Here are two quick movie reviews for “Have a Nice Day” & the HBO film “Fahrenheit 451”.

Fahrenheit 451

Trailer: https://youtu.be/mNKwe9k55fs

Rating: C+

I have to admit I was quite interested in seeing a slightly more modernized look of the classic Ray Bradbury novel & man does this not deliver.  “Fahrenheit 451” seems to take away all the emotional punch of the topic at hand & replace it with a bunch of characters constantly speaking in aphorisms. While also not having any emotional punch, the film also has no depth whatsoever, making it hard for any connection. This film does have its positives that being seen with the cinematography by Kramer Morgenthau & in the pretty solid performances from Michael B. Jordan & Michael Shannon. Both Jordan & Shannon try their best to elevate this flat screenplay, but in the end it’s not enough.

Have a Nice Day

Trailer: https://youtu.be/sLjiPsX3pAw

Rating: A-

An exciting new filmmaker has emerged in Jian Liu. Liu has one of the most distinct aesthetics I’ve ever seen. He puts together this simple yet detailed animation with the dark underbelly crime world, that builds this incredible tone. Liu also brings his own version of Tarantino small talk with a gripping opening scene, that brilliantly sets the film off to a solid start. His direction of the action scenes as well are done in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever seen. He uses quick & loud cuts that bring a quick burst of intensity, which can almost catch you off  guard. Despite the film’s at times dragging pace, its aesthetic alone should be a reason to find a way to see this.

1 thought on “2 Quick Movie Reviews

  1. You’re simply wrong. Red Sparrow is the best movie of the century and you know it.


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