Avengers: Infinity War – Movie Review

Trailer: https://youtu.be/QwievZ1Tx-8

Rating: B


  • As many of you know this film has a lot of characters, with so many performances given. And all of them do a solid job, but by far the standout is Josh Brolin as Thanos. The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has been teasing Thanos for years and the wait delivers. Within the first five minutes you already know that Thanos is the biggest threat the Avengers have ever come across. Though Thanos is very large in a size standpoint, I credit so much of Brolin’s performance to Thanos’ near constant presence. Brolin brings such a presence that at points all the hope for the Avengers feels truly gone. It’s definitely between Brolin’s, Thanos, or Michael B. Jordan’s, Erik Killmonger, as the best villain the MCU has seen to date.
  • As for the direction from the Russo Brothers, overall they did a fine job. They were given the near insurmountable task of balancing this film & it’s massive amount of characters. Though I will give them credit for just attempting it. But it still was a near insurmountable task, which I’ll get more into later. As for the action, the Russo’s do a solid job. Their choice of shooting this film entirely in IMAX shows in the many fight scenes, as it really puts them on a spectacle level. Though I will also say for the first time in the ten years the MCU has been around, I have no idea where it’s going next. That coming from a real jaw dropping of an ending. And for a film to that, it definitely deserves some credit.
  • As for the positives in the writing, as you might expect this film does bring a lot of humor. And I will say a large amount of it lands very well. The writing also gives some great character interaction for characters meeting for the first time. Which a lot of humor stems from as well.
  • A near constant problem the MCU has faced has been it’s weak CGI. And here I will say for majority of the time the work is quite good here. That being seen in many of the up close & personal moments with Thanos. As we see the small intricacies of the texture of his face & the stubble on his chin & head.


  • As I said earlier this film was really given an insurmountable task of somehow finding a way of walking the tight rope & balancing the characters. And the film doesn’t do it that well. We see that a lot in the first act, as it begins to become really clunky. Though as we see our characters come closer & start to meet up as the film goes on, things do start to improve some.
  • This film also runs into the problem of characters being done by different people. By that I mean not every film is written or directed by the same person. So people have there own interpretation of a character, which for some here come off different then what we are used to. There is one particular moment that is still a little hard for me to believe that character would so such a thing.
  • Also many characters in this film go nowhere. And come off as bystanders or just very weak side characters. In the end I would say there is only about 2-3 characters that have an arc.
  • Though a majority of the CGI work is good, there are still some problems. That being seen in some shots of Thanos & some of the heroes suits as well.

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