Rampage – Movie Review

Trailer: https://youtu.be/coOKvrsmQiI

Rating: C


  • As you might expect with a film that has a giant gorilla, wolf & alligator, that fight in the middle of Chicago, this film is very much a dumb cheesy action movie. And all I was looking for in this film was some fun giant animal vs. giant animal fights, which you do get, though it’s not until the last 15-20 minutes it delivers very well.
  • Though there are problems with some of the film’s CGI, there is also some very fine work in there as well. The best CGI work in the film is seen a lot with the giant gorilla, “George”.


  • Nearly all the film’s problems stem from it’s horrendous screenplay. First off this film features some of the worst dialogue you’ll probably ever here. It really just pushes the limits of corny camp to just cringe inducing. Which also brings the problem of how the film doesn’t really feel that self-aware at points. That being seen in its repetitive use of its dialogue, which very much shows what they think of their audience. That being that we’re all idiots & probably won’t notice, which is very off-putting. This film also has quite a bit of humor & pretty much none of it lands & sometimes it slows down the film just a little. The villains in this film as well are just so bland & unentertaining, unlike how many cheesy action villains can be. Their motivations are purely just money, which doesn’t help the blandness at all. This film also gives us the undefeatable, Dwayne Johnson. “The Rock” here doesn’t suffer that much from the death-defying superhero effect, but suffers from the crazy survival intelligence effect. Where we see him many times in the film find a way to fix any problem at anytime.
  • As I said earlier the film does have some CGI problems. The worst of it being in a scene where some characters are falling from the sky & they painfully use fully CG bodies & faces. Which does not look good at all. Especially when they actually have them speak a couple lines, which pretty much takes you out of the film for those few seconds.

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