Chappaquiddick – Movie Review


Rating: B


  • By far Jason Clarke is the standout here. Clarke does a nice job inhabiting Ted Kennedy. From scene to scene he is quite electrifying, from his recovery to finding his way to get himself out of the situation. Clarke plays Ted Kennedy in such a manner that you begin to question what’s true & what’s not, as you see him weaving his way through each predicament. Clarke also does a great job at balancing your feelings towards Kennedy. He walks the tightrope between the hate and curiosity of his character on a high level.
  • The films screenplay introduces some solid ideas that they use pretty well. One definitely is how Ted Kennedy always felt he had to live up to the family name & wanted his father to love him, which we see in multiple scenes between Clarke & Bruce Dern. Another strong element that is the most prevalent is the character study of Kennedy. We watch him unfold & attempt to clear his name in anyway possible. No matter if the history is fully accurate or not, this film brings a strong look at what power can do to someone.


  • The first 15 minutes that lead up to the Chappaquiddick accident drag at points.
  • There is one scene that involves the decision of a neck brace that comes off in a very distracting tone & should’ve been handled in a different manner.
  • Parts of the third act get a little heavy-handed.

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