Unsane – Movie Review

Trailer: https://youtu.be/u7KZrt_cHH0

Rating: B


  • Solid lead performance by Claire Foy. Foy brings the psyche of her character to quite a strong level. Foy inhabits a cabin fever like mentality for nearly every scene she’s in, with a breakdown slowly building. Though yes, her accent does break a couple times I wouldn’t say it takes anything away from the overall performance. Another performance that opened my eyes was the one given by Jay Pharaoh. I admit I didn’t see his Showtime series “White Famous” that did only last a season, but I did see a lot of him on SNL. And here he’s pretty solid. He brings a lot of charm to a character that I didn’t know he had available.
  • Easily the biggest positive of the film is the direction by Steven Soderbergh. Soderbergh takes advantage of the use of an iPhone to fullest. He brings a strong claustrophobic feel that seems to slowly be closing in on you the entire runtime. This is easily the best use of an iPhone in film I’ve ever seen, though I will say this is the only the second iPhone filmed movie I’ve ever seen. But I’m not sure this movie would be as good if not filmed on a iPhone.
  • Though the screenplay has a lot of problems, which I will get into later, I will say that it does do some interesting things. One being the strong character building of Claire Foy’s character “Sawyer Valentini”. You learn just enough background to cheer for her & question her.


  • The story is pretty paint by the numbers. Which makes it pretty predictable for the most part. Though as I’ve said earlier the film does have its positives and makes the seen before ride an enjoyable one.
  • A lot of the side characters are the archetype of a mental hospital, which makes them pretty bland.
  • Some of the hospital staff’s performances are quite weak. Though very little rests on their shoulders so they don’t bring the film down that much.

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