Tomb Raider – Movie Review


Rating: B-


  • Easily the biggest positive of this whole film is Alicia Vikander. She embodies the character of Lara Croft completely. She takes the character on both physically & emotionally. Like the reboot of the game, the film brings a new more grounded & new to the game of tomb raiding Lara Croft. Which works on a much higher level then the Angelina Jolie’s version of Lara Croft.
  • Roar Uthaug directs a couple solid action sequences here. The standout scene for his direction is easily a bike chase very early in the film that sets the film on a strong start. Uthaug also brings a pretty strong adventure feel to the film, which helps make it a more enjoyable watch. Though I will say the adventure feel is taken from past great adventure films which could hurt it for some.


  • Lara Croft is practically a superhero in this film. She takes massive hits from fights & from falling from extreme heights. Yet the only injury she suffers is when a 3-4 inch piece of wood gets stuck into her, which doesn’t hold her back for long. With her pretty much being a superhero you never really buy her ever being in any danger, which can take away tension from multiple scenes.
  • Multiple of side characters in this film are very underwritten. Like cardboard cutout underwritten. The worst being the villain of the film. Walton Goggins gives a fine performance, but his character is so plain and boring you just don’t care. With the most important element of a villain being his or her motivations, Goggins motivations are practically not existent.

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