A Wrinkle in Time – Movie Review

Trailer: https://youtu.be/UhZ56rcWwRQ

Rating: C+


  • A good performance by Chris Pine. Pine has a small amount of screen time, yet is the highlight of every scene he’s in.
  • A fine performance by Storm Reid. She does have heartfelt moments that she executes quite well. There are also moments where she is very off.
  • Some gorgeous production design by Naomi Shohan. Like many of the visuals in this film, they seem to have a strong influence from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “The Holy Mountain”. In all honesty the production design & visuals are the biggest positive of the whole film.


  • There is some very bad CGI & green screen at many moments in this film. It’s so obvious at points that it takes you out of the world that they are trying to build.
  • There are moments in this film that come off like a music video. They seem to be shoving the soundtrack of this film right into your face.
  • The first act of this film is alright, but after that it falls into a choppy mess. That hurts some of the emotion of the film.
  • It’s always hard to critique child actor performances, but the performance by Deric McCabe is quite bad. For most of the film you never believe any of his emotion. It’s pretty obvious they just went for a kid with some charisma, but it doesn’t work.

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