Red Sparrow – Movie Review


Rating: B-


  • Great performances by Jennifer Lawrence & Joel Edgerton. Though both are underwritten, they still don’t let that hold back their performances. Lawrence is the standout of the whole film by far. Lawrence continues to show how she is a fearless actress and is always pushing herself with the roles she picks, whether that be here or in last years “Mother!”. Here she brings such mental strength to her character that helps bring that character to a much higher level then where the screenplay puts her.
  • Very nice score by James Newton Howard. The score here brings both tension & a momentous feel to particular situations in the film.
  • Overall solid cinematography by Jo Willems. Willems really impresses me here with the way he lights a scene. From a early scene at a park where he uses striking beams of light through the trees. He as well brings a lush & slick feel to a theater environment.
  • I will also give the film props for introducing some fascinating elements, even though they don’t always explore them fully, they still are quite fascinating.


  • This film gives off a strong fenced off feel. As if the film just won’t let you immerse yourself into the story or the characters. Which obviously is much needed in a spy thriller.
  • Probably the most major problem with this film is the predictability of it. This film doesn’t really do anything that the spy genre hasn’t seen already. If you consider yourself a big spy film fan you will see everything coming for pretty much the entirety of the film.

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