The Cloverfield Paradox – Movie Review


Rating: C


  • Good performances by Gugu Mbatha-Raw & Chris O’Dowd. Mbatha-Raw gives a pretty solid lead performance, that attempts to connect to you. While O’Dowd is very much the comedic relief here, that brings some interesting moments.
  • This film does have some nice Twilight Zone moments that makes this film somewhat watchable at points.


  • In this film there are two story lines, one from the ground & one in space. The storyline from space is far much more interesting then what’s going on down on earth. The big problem with both is that they are full of characters for the most part you don’t care about.
  • This film also has multiple scenes full of scientific exposition, that comes off lazy. As if the writers couldn’t find any other way to weave it into the story.
  • I’m all for ambiguous moments in film, but this film takes it way too far. There are so many things in this film that are just there to push through the plot & some that just flat out don’t make sense. And there answer for why this is happening? You don’t ever get one.
  • This film also attempts at a twist ending or at least I think it does, because it’s so obvious from the start that a certain character is going to do this.
  • On a personal note this film hurts how disappointing it is. Both “Cloverfield” & “10 Cloverfield Lane” were pretty solid, now I was given this. I now see why Paramount dumped this on Netflix.

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