Winchester – Movie Review


Rating: C-


  • There is an interesting twist with an unlikely character.


  • This film is dreadfully boring throughout. Even through all the attempted scares it still drags.
  • The films only attempt at frightening its audience is through jump scares. And of course it’s through some sort of creepy pop out with very loud music. Which slowly will annoy you until you break.
  • There is a mother & a son in this film that are purely there just to produce some attempted scares. They are underdeveloped and just boring characters in general.
  • This film is also very predictable for the most part. You can see every scare coming your way the whole time. So much so, that by the time it hits you you’re already sitting there bored.
  • There are also a couple moments in the film that in general just don’t make sense. One of them being the status of the construction workers. The film states multiple times that the Winchester house is under construction 24/7. But when the finale of the film is happening you end up asking “Where are the construction workers through all this?”. I guess you can assume they ran away.
  • Finally the finale of this film is so flat and never full of tension, like it should be. Which kills this film even more. Never for a second do you ever feel that your protagonists are in true danger.

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