The Post – Movie Review


Rating: B+


  • Great performances by Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Bob Odenkirk & Tracy Letts. Hanks plays a grizzled veteran of the business, which he portrays very well. The two big standouts though are Streep & Odenkirk. Streep plays a strong female figure that stands up for what she thinks is right, which she as well plays perfectly. Streep gives multiple hard-hitting monologues that I will say do feel a little Oscar baity, but still are delivered very well. Odenkirk gives a performance that I didn’t know he had in him. Odenkirk is a scene stealer bringing some strong comedic & dramatic moments. If your curious how I feel about who should get Oscar nominations out of all the performances, I would say that I would nominate just Streep out of the pack.
  • Some pretty solid direction by Steven Spielberg. Spielberg creates the newspaper environment to a tie. That immerses you right into the Washington Post’s office. I would say this is his best work since “Lincoln”.
  • I applaud the screenplay by Liz Hannah & Josh Singer, for how topical this film is today and for how much it relates to todays environment.
  • Some Oscar level editing by Sarah Broshar & Michael Kahn. The editing on this film builds the process of developing & printing a story gorgeously.


  • The film drags at points in the first half & doesn’t really get going until they get the papers at the halfway point.
  • There are multiple underused characters, which I feel they could have done more with.

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