All the Money in the World – Movie Review


Rating: A


  • Great performances by Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer & Romain Duris. Plummer here is fantastic for what he did in just two weeks of reshoots, as he brings a lot to the J. Paul Getty character. I would also like to give much props to Romain Duris, most people will have no idea throughout the film that he is a French actor because of his great transformation into an Italian criminal. But the big standout here is Michelle Williams, who is masterful as always. Williams is never for a second not on the mark with selling that she is a mother going through pure chaos. She should definitely be looked at for a best actress nomination.
  • Good performances by Mark Wahlberg & Charlie Plummer.
  • Solid direction by Ridley Scott. Scott crafts some great moments of tension, as well as some great dialogue filled scenes.
  • An Oscar level screenplay by David Scarpa. Scarpa for the most part puts together some great characters as well as some great dialogue. With this years adapted screenplay category being kind of thin this one here should definitely be considered for a nomination.


  • Charlie Plummer’s character is a little underwritten & at points you don’t really connect with him.


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