Bright – Movie Review


Rating: C


  • Good performances by Will Smith & Joel Edgerton. Edgerton’s performance is the biggest positive I can give this whole film. He brings such vulnerability to the role as an Orc who is just trying to do the right thing.
  • Some very solid makeup work on all of the Orc’s in the entire film.
  • This film brings an interesting concept of speaking some social commentary through its fantasy elements, but that’s all it really is, is Interesting.


  • The film is very predictable in every way & you can see the somewhat twist a mile away.
  • Multiple moments that just don’t make sense & make the characters look very dumb.
  • Some of the performances get a little over the top.
  • Another disappointing directing job by David Ayer. Ayer has shown to put together some good films such as, “End of Watch” & “Fury”, but then he gave us “Suicide Squad” & now this. I’m just very unsure where he’s going to go from here.


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