Darkest Hour – Movie Review

Trailer: https://youtu.be/4pNOCzV5jG0

Rating: B


  • A pretty good performance by Gary Oldman. I’ll go ahead & say that this performance is a little overhyped. This seems to happen a lot today, where people hype up the makeup transformation over the performance itself. Oldman really doesn’t do anything that he hasn’t done before here. If you take away the makeup its an alright performance.
  • Great performances by Kristin Scott Thomas, Ben Mendelsohn & Lily James.
  • For the most part alright direction by Joe Wright. Wright puts together multiple stunning shots throughout.
  • Oscar level cinematography by Bruno Delbonnel. Delbonnel crafts the look of the film to perfection. The cinematography features some of the best lighting I’ve seen all year, with multiple single room scenes lit by just one light or with rooms that seem to be lit by rays of sunlight. Delbonnel also creates some gorgeous looking visuals with cigar smoke filled rooms.
  • This film features some of the best makeup work I’ve ever seen. Making Gary Oldman’s transformation to Churchill seamless. Much props to the makeup/prosthetic design by Kazuhiro Tsuji. If this film doesn’t take home the Oscar for best makeup I’ll be stunned.


  • There are multiple points in the film that feel like a BBC TV movie, that take away some of the cinematic feel.

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