Sweet Virginia – Movie Review

Trailer: https://youtu.be/DZ5uvt3lMuU

Rating: B+


  • Two great performances by Jon Bernthal & Christopher Abbott. The way these two collide on screen is just fantastic, this being seen in the great diner scene. If I had to choose the better performance I would have to go with Abbott on this one. Abbott had already impressed me earlier this year in “It Comes At Night”, but here he’s on a whole other level. Abbott creates one of the most loose cannon characters this year, that makes you always curious what he’s about to do next.
  • The direction here by Jamie M. Dagg creates a beautiful landscape and almost makes the setting here a character itself. Dagg also creates some brilliant moments of tension here that push you to the edge of your seat at points. By the end of the film Dagg crafts one of the most pulpy & gritty films of the year.


  • The film hits some genre clichés at points.
  • At points in some of the most tense moments, the scenes fall a little flat and don’t deliver as much as I wanted.

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