The Disaster Artist – Movie Review


Rating: A


  • Great performances by James & Dave Franco. Both of their performances are very relatable making you always buy all of the events and emotions they go through. But the true standout is James Franco. Franco is amazing as Tommy Wiseau. His performance is way more then just an impression, as Franco truly embodies Tommy fully. I would say he’s got a very good chance at getting a Best Actor nomination.
  • Out of all the films Oscar chances, the screenplay is a safe lock for a nomination. The screenplay makes this film way more then just remaking scenes from “The Room”, it tells a great story of friendship and about following your dreams. I highly applaud Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber for this very inspirational screenplay.
  • Something that’s getting a little overlooked is the direction by James Franco. Franco does an great job at balancing the comedic and dramatic moments.


  • Most of the supporting characters are very one-note and just feel like they are there to have a famous face.

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