The Florida Project – Movie Review


Rating: A


  • Brooklynn Prince gives one of the greatest child performances I’ve ever seen in this film. Prince brings such charm and realism to the role. Can’t go without also mentioning a fantastic performance by Willem Dafoe. Dafoe gives the most heart felt performance I’ve seen all year and just flat out probably the best performance of his career you’ll likely seen him picking up the best supporting actor Oscar this coming March.
  • Oscar level direction by Sean Baker. As I mentioned earlier the film feels extremely real throughout and I give all the credit to Baker’s direction. Baker also gives some of the best direction I’ve ever seen with child actors that the film is very reliant on. I would also like to give Baker props for shooting the film on 35mm.
  • Oscar level screenplay by Sean Baker & Chris Bergoch. The screenplay here really hits a cord with it’s social commentary and the realism. The film really hits on something that people ignore and never seem to talk about.


  • There is one performance in the film that is really one note and doesn’t always hit on all the strides it needs to at some very emotional moments.

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